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This issue grapples with the difficulties this poses for disobedient futures and asks: beyond dystopian prospects haunting the present, which experiments can unchain radical open futures? In so doing, it explores the fabric of disobedient futures, their conceptual frameworks, practical aspirations, and inherent uncertainties. Today, many have turned to the problem of the future. Echoing recent debates, the predominant way of projecting the future is once more guided by notions of technocratic and marketized progress. However, the idea of the future has also become a unique resource for democratic resistance. From Fridays for Future to Extinction Rebellion, from Xenofeminism to Black Lives Matter, protest, direct action as well as theoretical interventions have been increasingly organized around criticism that tackles the loss of futures while, at the same time, demanding their radical openness and plurality. This raises a decisive question: Why should the idea of disobedience be tied to the future? The real challenge today is to disobey imposed futures. In theoretical terms, this could mean restoring openness and equality at the center of our political vocabulary.

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Even if the book does talk about a few well-known practitioners of nonviolence, it is clear that the book is accomplishment something quite different. Could you explain what your primary aim was all the rage writing the book? Judith Butler: I am trying to offer something akin to a philosophy of nonviolence. By so as to I mean not so much a set of prescriptions or even answer principles but an ethos. I assume my aim in this book is to think about nonviolence as a shared or common way of animation and to propose nonviolence as a social philos- ophy and also at the same time as an ethic. It is not a book that is full of prescriptions or absolute principles. But it does seek to develop a political ethos that is informed by ethical commitments. AD: You take up the belief of self-defence in order to ask what it is exactly that we mean by the self and the notion of the individual. That leads you to discussing the state of nature, this concept of a pre-state, prehistory, where humanity is conceived at the same time as a mas- I am trying en route for offer something like a philosophy of nonviolence and by that I aim not so much a set of prescriptions or even absolute principles although an ethos.

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