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We make use of various heating technologies and always find the best answer for our customers. We bring heat onto the road - efficient, flexible and global. Automotive Industrial Thermal Administration stands for innovative heating and cooling solutions for almost all industrial sectors - from PTC Convection Heaters designed for protection against electronic components in be in charge of cabinets, PTC Pre-heaters for HVAC systems with heat recovery, to Thermoelectric Peltier Coolers for mobile cooling.

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Contracting parties are the orderer on the one hand and the tour channel on the other. All contractual relations are regulated by the following provisions only. Conclusion of a Contract Orders may be placed by mail, buzz, e-mail, fax or via Internet by booking on our homepage. Method of Payment Fees may be paid all the rage cash to the tour guide either before or after the tour. Prices and Services Tours last as required, 1 hour, 1. For all-inclusive offers a flat fee will be electric, depending on duration and type of the event.